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I'm Heikki, an audio-geek from Finland. I make electronic, rap and pop music with Reason Studios' Reason. I also vision up audio-tools and make sound-design and also some graphics. Feel free to look around!

Reason Studios User Scene
There was an 8 years old boy. He started to study music by trying to repeat the melodies with an accordion, that he heard from the radio. He knew he wanted to sing, rap and play. In the later times, his parents sent him to a music school to study to play piano. And even more later, he bought his first computer and started out a hobby. Producing music that is. Ever since then, his skills improved year by year. That boy knew what he wanted to become. In the now, this dream evolved into a professional endresult. It is called Reflexion X.

Some people don't need to be told what to do. I am one of them.
It is a gift I got from my birth. And that is why I haven't ended my career yet.
Because I Love my music making profession. =)
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