I'm Heikki Roots aka Reflexion X / Dj Voltans from Finland. I moved here in the 1991 from Estonia. I'm 43 years old passionated music producer, audio-tool visioner and sound-designer. I live in a small town called Loviisa, which is actually a very cute little place. I grew up in here and studied in the local schools.

To be honest, I enjoy my life here, even though there's certain challenges I have in my personal life. But I have always put an uplifting jacket on me, to make my life-experience enjoyable. ;)
Heikki is using Propellerhead / Reason Studios Reason to make his music with and is a brain behind lots of the features added into this software, like: search/favorites, reduce cable clutter and multiple racks, rent-to-own, CPU-calculator per track, indexed search and lots of the ideas for the Combinator 2 and more.

I started to make music in 1993 with my Casio keyboard and in 1996 I bought off my first computer and started to learn and use various early-stage programs for music making. I bought Reason 2.0 in 2002 and since then, I've been using it for all my music making needs.
Fame and money are secondary for me and I'm pretty sure it's a right plan for a guy like me. I sell music, but I have my reasons to not jump into the music business world like Michael Jackson etc.

I'm open to lots of the things though and I have had lots of collaborations with all kinds of people, during the years. I definately have potential for something impressive, I mean MORE impressive than thus far. So... Lets give it a shot!

I was in a RAM boy-choir back in the times, which is a famous Estonian choir.
I took some piano lessons in the music school too.

So far I've also been in the Raadio 2 radio, been producing music for the commercials, made few releases for the Mental Beauty Records, have been signed with my Lucky 13 album to the Statue Records Los Angeles label + lots of smaller achievements.

I'm also a music technology freelancer and a theoretical scientist some kind of.
There must be a reason why I've never been wanting to quit my proffession yet. It is like an adventure that still remains being interesting and fun. This lifestyle just works for me.

It's a blast! (Sorry Adam Fielding for quoting you!

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