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BUY FOR 9,00€!

We sell all our 37 Dopetank ERA Refills + 4 Maxout Refills for very cheap. Overall there's 2610 Killer patches and come as cheap as 9,00€!

These Refills cover most of the stock instruments and effects, but there's also many Rack Extension Refills too.

Our sounds are known to be top-notch and full of happy surprises.
We are sure that lots of these sounds add some dope into your Reason projects.

Even though Dopetank discontinued under that name, we will make new Refills under a new name. The reason is that the new combinator in Reason 12 started a new level in our sound-design work.

Be one of the hundreds of people, expanding their sounds with our cleverly programmed sounds. Dope!

If you want to hear some audio examples of our Refills then please click on the 4 players to the left please.