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On this page we release FREE Reason ReFills and Patches. Keep looking back for new stuff! ;-)
B U Y   O U R   A L L   R E F I L L S   F O R   A   H U G E   D I S C O U N T !   
4 2   R E F I L L S   F O R   
3 2 , 9 0 €   O N L Y !
Y O U   S A V E   -->  88,40€   C l i c k !

This is our free Refills and Patches section, where you can get some of our soundwork for free. This is also a great way to showcase our soundwork to the Reason users.
Here are some of the Refills you can download for free:

Dopetank Subscription DEMO Refill: DOWNLOAD
Dopetank Subström ReFill: DOWNLOAD
Dopetank Monotone: DOWNLOAD
Dopetank Synchronous Booster Vol.3: DOWNLOAD
This is our free giveaway Mastering combi2 plugin. You need to download a Reaper ReaXcomp VST to make it possible to load. Grab the VST here:

The actual Combi2 you can get here: DOWNLOAD