We've started a new project to provide Refills for the Propellerheads / Reason Studios Reason. As the new updated combinator will take the whole game to a new level, we decided to discontinue Dopetank and start a new era in our sound-design.

We have a new Refill output name, i.e. Maxout Refills.

Our goal is to provide top-notch sound-design and create sounds and patches for the modern standards. We think the people want to get more out of the patches than before. The sounds
need to inspire us and sound musical and also interesting too.

Our all future patches will be combinators and all the Refills require Reason 12 to open them.
We feel very excited to build new effects and instruments for the Reason Fans around the world. As for the prices of the upcoming Refills, we still try to keep the prices low enough.

Even though the Dopetank Refills are discontinued, you can still buy all the 37 Refills HERE.
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